Elementary Program Information

Did you ever dream of becoming a teacher?

The Undergraduate Elementary Education program prepares individuals to teach in public or private elementary school settings and child care facilities for young children.

Students who complete this program will earn a bachelors degree and be licensed as a K–8 teacher by the State of Nevada. Students who already have a degree and want to become an elementary teacher need to take course work through the teacher licensure program.

Degrees Offered

The requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Education degree is identical to the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Education degree with the exception that for the B.A. students must successfully complete two courses in the same foreign language.

College Core Requirements

Each student must complete the college core requirements (or approved alternatives determined by the department). The core requirements for elementary students are EPY 303, EPY 451, EDU 280, and EDSP 411. For more information about core requirements visit the COE Education Student Services Center in CEB 221.

Important Information

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Licensure Area

Field Experiences

Student Teaching

Student Teaching
Student teaching is a full-time, full semester carefully supervised experience. Through written agreements, university and school authorities are committed to providing quality field experiences for prospective teachers. An international student teaching option affords students the opportunity to explore teaching from a multicultural perspective.

Student teaching applications must be filed by specific deadlines dates in the semester immediately preceding student teaching. Applications are submitted online through the Field Experiences Portal. An applicant must successfully meet all conditions specified by the appropriate academic department before an application for supervised teaching will be approved. Failure by the student teacher to meet any requirement may result in delay or cancellation of the supervised teaching assignment.

Any candidate for student teaching who has transferred to UNLV must fulfill all specific requirements and have completed at least 15 hours in residence, including nine credits in professional education courses. Additional courses — as determined by the advisor or the department chair — may be required of the student. Verify with departments for possible alternative degree requirements.

More information related to student teaching can be found on the Field Placement website.

International Student Teaching
Teacher education institutions across the United States have been responding to the recognized need for greater international awareness and understanding among pre-service and inservice teachers. There are over 100 institutions in the United States which conduct student teaching programs in more than 50 countries with the dual purpose of preparing competent teachers and contributing to worldwide understanding.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Education International Student Teaching Program is an optional experience open to any individual pursuing an elementary, secondary, or special education teaching license. The program is administered through the College of Education's Division of Teacher Education. A faculty coordinator of International Student Teaching provides leadership for the program and serves as the liaison with the various agencies involved. The Associate Dean, in cooperation with the University Director of International Programs has the ultimate responsibility for overseeing the program.

For more information visit the International Student Teaching site.

Specialized Experiences Within the Elementary Program