Research & Scholarship

The Department's programs are a result of sound research into the field's best practices. The faculty and are frequent recipients of national grants in recognition of their efforts to successfully apply research to enhance the profession.

The Department addresses the nation's critical need for well-prepared educators, especially in urban centers.

The faculty in the Department of Teaching & Learning have experience and expertise in teacher education and pedagogy. In addition to the specialities noted below, each has research studies and/or instructional activity in a variety of different content areas. Additional information are available on the individual faculty pages.

Name Research Area
Jori Beck Teacher preparation
Clinical model of teacher preparation
Equity in teacher preparation
Steven Bickmore  
Randy Boone Technology Education
Christine Clark white antiracist identity development and multicultural teacher education preparation
the prison industrial complex and implications for urban educational leadership
multicultural curriculum transformation in P-12 and higher education across disciplines
Denise DaVila  
Hasan Deniz Science Education
Howard Gordon Adult & Technical Education
Teaching Effectiveness
Learning Styles
Meta-Analysis Research
Nutrition and Public Health
Karen Grove Instructional Technology
Teacher Education - Development
Technology in Teaching and Learning
Steve Grubaugh Literacy Education
Greg Levitt Social Studies Education
Emily Lin International Comparative Studies
Instructional Processes/Learning
Teacher Education - Learning and Development
Program Evaluation
Science Education
Katrina Liu  
Michael McCreery Ecological Modeling
Socioemotional Development
Technology-Based Assessment and Intervention
Marilyn McKinney Collaboration
Teacher Research
Technology in Teaching and Learning
Travis Olson Mathematics Education - Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Curriculum Analysis
Teacher Mathematical Content Knowledge
Technology Use in Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Theoretical Mathematics Connections in School Mathematics
Integration of Mathematics Content within Other Disciplines (e.g., STEM)
Teacher Professional Development
Lois Paretti Elementary Education
Teacher Education - Development
Teacher Knowledge
Teacher Quality
Linda Quinn Curriculum
Distance Education
Instructional Design/Development
Teacher Education - Development
Teacher Knowledge
P.G. Schrader Cognitive Psychology
Experimental Design
Instructional Technology
Research Methodology
Technology and Literacy
Chyllis Scott Adolescent literacy
Content-area literacy instruction
Teacher education and knowledge
Mentoring practices in higher education
Jeffrey Shih Assessment By Teachers
Longitudinal Studies
Mathematics Education
Program Evaluation
Research Design
David Vallett Science Education
Cognitive Science
Learner Cognition
Educational Neuroscience
Shaoan Zhang Classroom Research
Curriculum and Instruction
International Education/Studies
Teacher Education - Development
Teacher Research