Licensure Programs

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The Department of Teaching & Learning offers various licensure programs in a variety of concentration areas. For more information regarding a specific program, please select one from the list below:

Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL)-Graduate Licensure Program (GLP)

The Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL)-Graduate Licensure Program (GLP) is a graduate program in the Department of Teaching & Learning leading to an elementary or secondary teaching license with the option of leading to a Master of Education (M.Ed.). Our programs are characterized by careful recruitment and competitive selection of teacher candidates. Please contact Jovita Bayuga (702-895-3597) if you are interested in the Alternative Route to Licensure- Graduate Licensure Program program.

Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) m-NET Program

Supported by a US Department of Education grant - Project m-NET, the Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) Program offers unique opportunities for individuals with successful employment histories, and Bachelor's degrees in areas other than education, to enter the teaching profession.

Got Questions? Please contact the Project m-NET Program Coordinator: Dr. Linda Quinn.

Business and Industry License Program

As provided by the Nevada Department of Education, the UNLV Business and Industry License Program, offered through the Career & Technical and Postsecondary Education program, provides courses required to maintain an individual’s initial license.

Licenses are initially granted based upon a person's approved work experience in Career & Technical endorsement area recognized and taught in Nevada’s public schools. After initial license, teachers must take 12 credits in Career and Technical Education as prescribed by the State DOE.

These courses are offered in a timely manner at UNLV through the Career & Technical and Postsecondary Education program.

Got Questions? Please contact program coordinator: Dr. Clifford McClain.