Doctoral Student Semester Review

The Semester Review is a program requirement for all doctoral degrees offered by the department of C&I. Therefore, failure to complete the Semester Review can result in academic probation.

The due date for the completion of the Semester Review is March 12.

Here are the steps for the completion of the Semester Review:

1. Access the Semester Review Form via the button at the bottom of this page.

2. Regarding the semester that is under review, have available information about the following: (a) courses taken and grades earned, (b) number of hours remaining in your program of study excluding dissertation hours, (c) conferences attended, (d) publications, (e) research projects, and (f) classes taught at UNLV.

3. Double check your information for accuracy and press the Submit button on the form. You will receive immediate feedback that your Semester Review Form has been successfully submitted. You should take advantage of the "print" option for your own archive.

4. The Doc Studies Office will forward a copy of your Semester Review to your committee chairperson with a recommendation that you and your chair meet to discuss your progress in the program. No chair signature is required and nothing needs to be returned to the Doctoral Studies Office.

5. Students in the Ph.D. in Teacher Education program must also update their electronic portfolios. They are required to meet with their entire committee, not only their chair, to present their electronic portfolio. This is in addition to all of the above. Detailed information about the electronic portfolio is provided here.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the T&L Office of Doctoral Studies at 702-895-1308.

Thank you!


Dr. P.G. Schrader
Coordinators of the T&L Doctoral Program

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