Financial Assistance

Student Financial Services UNLV provides a wide variety of assistance to finance higher education expenses. Grants, scholarships, on-campus employment, and educational loans are available to help students meet their educational costs while attending UNLV. Students are encouraged to explore all possible resources*. Financial Aid Administrators are available to discuss the variety of resources available and to assist graduate students in the application process. For further information, contact Student Financial Services at 702-895-3424 or visit Student Financial Services. Also see the Graduate Catalog (p 30) for specific financial assistance programs.

  • Additional financial support may be sought through paid internships, which may count as part of the doctoral student's coursework.

Graduate assistantship positions are available on a competitive basis to students admitted to any graduate degree program. The nine-month stipend is currently $12,000 for doctoral-level assistantships plus health insurance, tuition, and fee waivers. The tuition waiver covers 85% of the per credit hour fee and the full amount of out-of-state tuition.Graduate assistants must carry a minimum of 6 semester hours of credit and are expected to spend 20 hours per week on departmental duties such as instruction and/or research. International students whose graduate assistantship includes instructional duties (lecture, discussion groups, laboratory supervision, tutoring) must have received a successful grade on the Test of Spoken English (TSE).

Applications and all supporting materials must be sent to the dean of the Graduate College no later than March 1 preceding the fall semester in which an assistantship is sought. Applications may be accepted after this date in the event of an unexpected opening for the fall semester. In rare cases in which an assistantship is available for the spring semester, the application deadline is November 1.