Final Examination – Dissertation Defense

The candidate must pass an oral examination in defense of the dissertation, although the examining committee may extend the defense into subject matter related to the major and cognate fields as suggested by the dissertation topic. The candidate must pass unanimously.

The appropriate forms for the final examination must be received by the Graduate College at least two (2) weeks prior to the date that the examination is scheduled; additionally, the final examination must be held at least three (3) weeks prior to the final day of instruction in the term in which the student plans to complete the degree requirements.

Defenses of the dissertation (and the proposal) will be open to other doctoral students and faculty, and they will be encouraged to attend as observers. The dissertation chair will communicate the day, time, and place of the defense to all concerned parties. Scheduled defenses will also be announced at the Doctoral Colloquium. Individuals who desire to attend a defense should notify the dissertation chair of their intent. A copy of the dissertation (and the proposal) will be made available in the T&L Office for the perusal of those faculty and doctoral students who choose to attend.