Program of Study

A minimum of 69 hours of study beyond the master's degree is required for the Ed.D. in T&L. A specific plan of study will be proposed by the student and advisor and must be approved by the student's doctoral committee, department graduate coordinator, Dean of the College of Education, and the Dean of the Graduate College. This plan of study must include coursework and/or experience in a specific area of emphasis, a cognate area of study, educational research, internships, and the dissertation.

  • Area of Emphasis: cultural studies, internation education, and multicultural education; instructional technology; literacy education; mathematics education; teacher education (27 hours) — This coursework is taken within the Department of Teaching and Learning. Coursework must also include an analysis and evaluation of major issues confronting American education that are significant to all professional educators and/or historical, philosophical, or social foundations of American education. Please see the department website for specific emphasis-area requirements.
  • Cognate Area of Study (9-12 hours) — The cognate is a minor area of study which enhances the major area of emphasis. Students may design a cognate area from within the Department of Teaching and Learning, other departments within the College of Education, or from other departments at UNLV.
  • Educational Research (12 hours) — The research component is designed to provide students with: a) knowledge of statistics with an emphasis on descriptive and inferential statistics and experimental design; b) knowledge of qualitative research methodologies; and c) a doctoral research seminar emphasizing a review of the literature. Courses include: EPY 718, EPY 721, CIG 790, plus one elective research course.
  • Internship (6-12 hours) — The internship is focused toward each student's career goals and is designed to provide each student with an opportunity to relate doctoral studies to these goals. The specific experiences included in the internship are designed by the student and the advisor, with approval from the student's doctoral committee.
  • Dissertation (15-24 hours) — The culminating activity of the doctoral program in T&L is the dissertation. Once a student has been advanced to doctoral candidacy, continuous enrollment in at least 3 credit hours in CIG 799 must be maintained until the dissertation is successfully defended. Registering for dissertation credit before approval of Prospectus is prohibited.