M.Ed. Science Education Secondary (HS) - RPDP (7-12)

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction (38 semester hours)

Emphasis Concentration in Science Education High School-RPDP (7-12)

Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program (RPDP): Designed for secondary teachers seeking secondary science certificate.

Please note: Admission to UNLV's Graduate College is required PRIOR to the completion of 15 credit hours. Students who have already begun the RPDP Certificate Program are encouraged to apply to UNLV as soon as possible. Please note that you need to select the M.Ed. (NOT M.S.) for this program. For information about the application process, click here.

I. Science Content (16 semester hours)

  • SCI 650 courses via RPDP with credit through UNLV’s College of Sciences


II. Core (9 semester hours)

Research (select one: 3 semester hours)

  • CIG 690 Teachers as Action Researcher (formerly CIG 705)
  • EPY 702 Research Methods
  • EPY 703 Teachers as Consumers and Producers of Educational Research

Foundations (select one: 3 semester hours)

  • CIG 603 Urban Education (formerly CIG 703)
  • CIG 660 Multicultural Education (formerly CIG 750)
  • EPY 707 Adolescent Development
  • EPY 711 Human Growth and Development
  • EPY 712 Foundations of Learning and Cognition

Curriculum and Instruction (select one: 3 semester hours)

  • CIG 602 Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction (formerly CIG 702)
  • CIS 682 Secondary School Instruction (formerly CIS 704)
  • CIS 684 Secondary Education Curriculum (formerly CIS 705)


III. Concentration: Secondary Science Education (12 semester hours)


  • CIS 634 Instruction Secondary Science Education (formerly CIS 708)
  • CIS 638 Technology Applications Secondary Science (formerly CIS 738)

Select two

  • CIG 639 Science Education Seminar (formerly CIG 717)
  • CIS 630 Topics Secondary Science Education: varies (formerly CIS 707)
  • CIS 639 Curriculum Development Secondary Science Education (formerly CIS 709)


IV. Culminating Experience* (1 semester hour)

  • CIG 697 C&I Culminating Experience: Science Education (formerly CIG 715; 1 semester hour)

*CIG 697 C&I Culminating Experience involves the development of an e-portfolio. In preparation for the culminating experience, it is recommended that you keep copies of your work from all classes in the program of study (including those through RPDP). Enrollment requires completion of 30 or more program-of-study credit hours (33 is recommended). You must enroll in at least three credits during your semester of graduation, which means that you are NOT able to take CIG 697 by itself. We recommend that you save a Core or RPDP-SCI course to be taken in conjunction with the Culminating Experience. Students must consult advisor for assistance about when to register for this course. Details available at Culminating Experience.

Contact Information

Science RPDP for SCI 650 information: Bret Sibley, <bhsibley@interact.ccsd.net>, 702-799-3835