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Graduate and doctoral degrees in mathematics education at UNLV are designed to develop outstanding teachers, researchers, and leaders in mathematics education. The faculty in mathematics education are cutting-edge researchers, award winning teachers, and spend significant time collaborating with teachers to improve mathematics curricula and pedagogy. In addition faculty members have a distinguished track record of research, leadership in mathematics education, as well as state and national service.

In particular at the doctoral level, the purpose of the Ph.D. Program in Mathematics Education is to prepare individuals for research and teacher education careers in higher education and for leadership positions in educational settings. The program is designed to develop expertise in conceptualizing, conducting and reporting research in mathematics education and to improve student knowledge about the field of mathematics education. Students choosing this area of study will find themselves challenged with the latest ideas and theories in the field. The program is consistent with other top graduate programs and is aligned with UNLV’s goals to advance the research functions of UNLV while maintaining high quality teaching.

Mathematics Education at UNLV is unique in that because of our success at acquiring external funding, we have more graduate assistantships than available students. If you are interested in the doctoral program, please contact any of the faculty members listed below.

Elementary Mathematics (K-8) Education Programs

Secondary (7-12) Mathematics Education Programs

RPDP Mathematics Education Programs


Doctoral Program in C&I with an emphasis in Mathematics Education