M.Ed. - Children's and Young Adult Literature (K12)

Emphasis Concentration in Children's and Young Adult Literature (K-12)

I. Core (9 semester hours)
Research (select one: 3 semester hours)
CIG 690 Teachers as Action Researchers (formerly CIG 705)
EPY 702 Research Methods
EPY 703 Teachers as Producers and Consumers of Educational Research

Foundations (select one: 3 semester hours)
CIG 603 Urban Education (formerly CIG 703)
CIG 660 Multicultural Education (formerly CIG 750)
EPY 707 Adolescent Development
EPY 711 Human Growth and Development
EPY 712 Foundations of Learning and Cognition

Curriculum and Instruction (select one: 3 semester hours)
CIE 681 Elementary School Instruction (formerly CIE 701)
CIE 683 Elementary Classroom Management (formerly CIE 702)
CIE 685 Elementary Education Curriculum (formerly CIE 703)
CIG 602 Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction (formerly CIG 702)
CIS 682 Secondary School Instruction (formerly CIS 704)
CIS 684 Secondary Education Curriculum (formerly CIS 705)

II. Concentration: Children's & Young Adult Literature (18 semester hours)
Foundations (6 semester hours - enrollment recommended before taking other literacy courses)
CIL 601 Foundations of Literacy Learning (formerly CIL 701)
select one
CIL 602 Topics Literacy Education (formerly CIL 702)
CIL 680 Contemporary Literature for Children and Young Adults (formerly CIL 740)

Children's & Young Adult Literature (select four: 12 semester hours)
CIL 600 Topics in Literacy: Visual Literacy in Children's & Young Adult Lit. (formerly CIL 702)
CIL 604 Literacy Instruction for Young Children (formerly CIL 704)
CIL 607 Comprehensive Reading Instruction (formerly CIL 707)
CIL 680 Contemporary Literature for Children and Young Adults (formerly CIL 740)
CIL 684 Multicultural Literature and Materials (formerly CIL 741)
CIL 687 Literature Based Reading Instruction (formerly CIL 742)
CIL 688 Historical Development of Literature (formerly CIL 743)
CIL 747 Literary Theory and Children's Literature

Other CIL 600-level courses approved by advisor; maximum of 6 semester hours of CIL 702 topics classes accepted toward a degree.

III. Cognate Area (6 semester hours)
Possible areas: Technology, TESL, Subject Content Area, etc.

III. Culminating Experience (4 semester hours)
CIL 699 Literacy Research Seminar (formerly CIG 717; 3 semester hours - must be taken semester prior to Culminating Experience)
CIG 697 Curriculum and InstructionCulminating Experience: Literacy (formerly CIG 715; 1 semester hour)