Literacy Culminating Experience Information

The Culminating Experience in Curriculum and Instruction for a Master's Degree with concentrations in Literacy Education, Children's and Young Adult Literature, and Reading Specialist is designed to provide degree candidates the opportunity to demonstrate competence and understanding in the theories, practices, and knowledge base in the field of Literacy Education. The Culminating Experience will provide an opportunity for candidates to provide evidence of their understandings of significant theoretical concepts in literacy education, educational theory, educational research, and instructional practices consistent with the Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. The final portfolio should be an example of the candidate's best writing. It should be relatively error-free, grammatically appropriate, well organized and reflect a strong commitment to the Masters in Curriculum & Instruction Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Culminating Experience Information - (PDF Version)
Explores, in detail, information that students need to know about the Culminating Experience.

Culminating Experience Evaluation Rubric
The evaluation rubric used for the Culminating Experience project.