M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction in Literacy Areas of Concentration Advising Sheet

After you have been accepted into the Masters program, and before you complete between nine (9) and fifteen (15) credit hours, you should meet with your advisor and discuss your program of study. After this advising meeting, you need to fill out your Proposed Masters Degree Program of Study available at:

There are five (5) Areas of Concentration in Literacy Education. You will need to select one of these for your Masters Degree Program. These are described fully in the T & L Website at:

Areas of Concentration
- General Literacy Education
- Library Science (leads to Library Science Endorsement)
- Reading Specialist (leads to Reading Specialist Endorsement)
- Children's & Young Adult Literature
- English Language Arts (Secondary English Education)

When your program of study is completed, submit it to the T & L Graduate office (CEB 368A) for signatures. During your coursework, please feel free to contact your advisor for more information.

Dr. Grubaugh - 702-895-4684
Dr. McKinney - 702-895-3337

After you have completed your program of study:
You will need to complete the Application for the Culminating Experience found on the web at: http://tl.unlv.edu/masters AND register for the T & L Culminating Experience (1 credit class): CIL 697. Once your application has been approved, you will meet with your advisor to discuss and organize your culminating experience and portfolio.

The Culminating Experience for a Masters in C & I Emphasis in Literacy consists of an Introduction, a Portfolio of Learning Artifacts created during your coursework, a Philosophy Statement and reflection, and a Directed Learning Experience. Each of these requirements will be discussed with your advisor. When your culminating experience has been approved, you must check the semester schedule for the deadline for filing the application on-line with the Graduate College.

Any questions about Registration and Forms can be addressed to the T & : Graduate Studies office at 702-895-1986 or at tlgrad@unlv.nevada.edu.